Power of Our Horoscope Chart

Astrology, as a science, can help you get a better sense of who you are and why some of the actions around you take place. Understanding the cosmically linked reasons of our existence can be beneficial in many ways, but things don't make a lot of sense unless you place all the elements in an astrology chart.

There are several variations of astrology charts, but most of them require specific elements in order to work. You usually have to input your natal specifications, such as your birth year, month and day. Most advanced charts also ask you for the precise time when you were born, in order to be more accurate with your reading.

All of these time factors are taken into consideration when a personal chart is created. The different cosmic houses and planets are analyzed and their attributes are passed on to your personality and destiny. Location is sometimes required as well. Different charts ask you for various forms of expressing your birth location, but most require longitude and latitude. This might be a little difficult to know, but you can go as close as possible by looking up the longitude of the nearest city to the place where you were born.

Charts are usually presented in the forms of a wheel that contains all of the astrological connections. Basic charts present things like the planets' influence on your destiny, the effects of elements like water, fire, earth and air or your relationships with the other astrological signs. More complex charts are also available. They are more specific on details concerning the above-mentioned items and also present other fields such as the house and planet signs or speed and declination of the most influential planets.

There is a margin of error with all astrological charts, but they should be true in 80% - 90% of the cases. You can learn a lot about yourself from such a chart and you may build a map to guide your steps based on the results. Knowing who to meet and when to act are vital for success, both in business and on a personal level. Even though the astrological chart won't speak to you precisely what steps you should take, it does create some trustworthy guidelines.

Free BirtChart Reports

Astrodienst offers a free natal chart report.
Astrology.ca - A nice free chart with Personality Interpretations.
AstroCenter offers a short report: Get your FREE in-depth AstroProfile.
GeoVision Software offers free sample Vedic Astrology reports. You must first register with the site.
Zodiacal Free Astrological Chart which is powered by Astrolog software.
Astrology 3D offers free short reports, including a Birth Chart Interpretation. You'll likely find the interpretations particularly insightful, as we did.
Sara Feder offers advice about any sort of problem you may have at the moment, she will make a detailed personal chart for you, however she will offer more stuff and charge for advanced services but the free chart is also very valuable..

Free Compatibility Reports

Matrix Software offers a free sample Friends and Lovers report.
Astrodienst offers a free short report all about a partnership. This is based on some of the aspects found in the composite chart of two people.
Astrology 3D offers free short reports, including a Relationship Report. You'll likely find the interpretations particularly insightful, as we did.

Free Destiny Reports

Astrodienst offers a free forecast report which interprets some of the transits that you will be facing in the near future.
An excellent Planet Forecast is offered by StarIQ. You get e-mails of the transits to your chart a few days in advance. These are professional and fun--and they are free.
Matrix Software offers a free sample AstroTalk Report, showing transits for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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